Oahu: June 21-26, along with a day trip to the Big Island in June 23
oahu01  Had to take a picture when we landed.  Jo Ann and I are in the Honolulu International Terminal on our way to getting our baggage.  We left Philadelphia at 12:40 pm and landed in Honolulu at 9:30pm. (3:30 am our time)  Slightly exhausted.  oahu02  Having our internal clocks totally screwed up, Jo and I got up early in the morning and went for a drive.  We started toward Diamond Head with the intention of later making our way to Aiea Heights to look at the house where I lived in 1958. (My Dad, George, was stationed at Hickam AFB from 1958-61.)   The picture below was actually taken on the 26th, on our way to the airport for our flight to Maui.  Hanauma Bay was closed on Tuesdays, I guess to give the fish a rest from all of the Snorkelers.  The bay is a remnant of a crater that eroded on the sea side making a great place to snorkel.  oahu03  Just past Hanauma Bay, the Halona Blow Hole.  Another memory;  when my Grandmother Herlihy came to visit us, being a very proper lady, was extremely embarrassed when to winds from the blow hole blew her dress over her head.  To top it off my father got it on his 8 mm movie camera.  oahu04  The scenery could not be beat.  As we continued a loop along the eastern coast we came upon Rabbit Island.I remembered the island from our many stays at Bellow's AFB recreational area. 
oahu05  After we passed Rabbit Island, we tried to get into Bellows.  The guard at the gate said some sort of military exercises were being carried out and he wouldn't let us in.  We then drove through the Pali tunnel and on the otherside, an overlook opened up onto the old Pali Highway.  I remember my mother being terrified riding on the side of the Pali on the narrow roads.  Behind Jo, the road that will take you to the other side.  In a later picture, I have a view of the tunnel opening below.  oahu06  Bill, looking over the Pali.  oahu06c  The short cut - the Pali Tunnel.  Above the tunnel, you can see the cutout for the road on the side of the mountain.  If you walk to the right, you could walk the path the old road takes around the Pali.  oahu07  We finally made it to the old house on Kapua Place in Aiea Heights.  I took alot of pictures but I decided the present owners probably don't need a picture of their house on the internet.  Here is a clear view of Pearl Harbor from Aiea Heights.  When we lived in Hawaii the bridge and the Arizona Memorial had not built yet.  There was only a flag over the Arizona.  Hawaii even became the 50th state when we were there.  Alot of changes in forty years. 
oahu08  Seeing Pearl Harbor from Aiea Heights, we decided it was a good time to visit the Arizona Memorial.  The picture was taken from the memorial's staging area.  We got tickets, saw a documentary in the theater, and then were ferried out to the memorial. In the picture; the USS Missouri and the Arizona Memorial.  oahu09b  After a couple ice cream cones, a soda and sending a few postcards; we are on our way.  The only way to the Arizona is by way of the ferry, the bridge in the previous picture goes elsewhere.  oahu10b  A view from about 1/2 way there.  In view:  the Missouri, another ferry and the Arizona.  oahu11b  We are just about to step off of the ferry.  We were told not to take any pictures, because they didn't want a bottleneck in the unloading of passengers.  I managed to get off a quick picture, anyway.  I don't know how many hundreds of visitors come to the Arizona, but they do a great job moving so many. 
oahu12  We walked through the memorial.  In the middle they have a viewing area to see the ship below water, but the view wasn't clear enough to get a good picture.  A walk to the other end is a wall with list the casualties aboard the Arizona on December 7, 1941.  oahu13  Jo is standing in front of an open area  in the deck of the memorial.  In the background is the opening to the wall of names.  oahu14  We are back on the ground.  I am standing next to the Arizona's anchor.  oahu15  Hilo Hattie shirt factory in Honolulu 
oahu16  Aloha Tower  oahu17  Bill  oahu18a  At the top of the Aloha Tower  oahu19  Looking toward the harbor from the Aloha Tower 
oahu20  King Kamehameha  oahu21  Jo and King Kamehameha  oahu22  Diamond Head  oahu23  A view from our Hotel 
oahu24  A view from our Hotel  oahu25  Entrance to Diamond Head  oahu26  Inside Diamond Head Crater  oahu27  Observation Tower at the top of Diamond Head 
oahu28  oahu29  oahu30  "From Here to Eternity"