Airlie Beach - December 5, 2009

We took a shuttle to shore and then walked into town. The area somewhat reminded us of a Rehobeth Beach like area. We walked to the market and the very nice manmade enclosed saltwater lagoons. A great trip except for the fact that Jo lost her camera.
cruise map  Airlie Beach is in the northeast corner of the map  AirlieBeach 001  Barrier Island  AirlieBeach 003  Barrier Island  AirlieBeach 011  Tenders, today. Rough seas is going to make a tough ride 
AirlieBeach 017  Waiting for the tenders to start running  AirlieBeach 020  AirlieBeach 031  AirlieBeach 032  Port for access to Airlie Beach 
AirlieBeach 035  Starting our hike to Airlie Beach  AirlieBeach 036  Great boardwalk to the beach  AirlieBeach 038  AirlieBeach 039  Bicentennial Walkway 
AirlieBeach 040  AirlieBeach 041  AirlieBeach 042  AirlieBeach 044 
AirlieBeach 045  Hazardous Marine Creatures  AirlieBeach 046  Manmade saltwater lagoon  AirlieBeach 047  AirlieBeach 048 
AirlieBeach 049  AirlieBeach 050  The question: Could one really read a book this way?  AirlieBeach 051  Lagoon  AirlieBeach 052  Yum ... Kangaroo, crocodile and vegemite 
AirlieBeach 053  AirlieBeach 054  Open air market at Airlie Beach  AirlieBeach 055  Airlie Beach  AirlieBeach 057  Dawn Princess from beach 
AirlieBeach 059  AirlieBeach 066  We saw some more parrots  AirlieBeach 080  AirlieBeach 081  Mangrove seedlings 
AirlieBeach 082  AirlieBeach 083  Victoria Licence Plate  AirlieBeach 084  Queenskand Licence Plate  AirlieBeach 085 
AirlieBeach 089  Back to the ship  AirlieBeach 090  Top front of the tender  AirlieBeach 092  AirlieBeach 097 
AirlieBeach 102  Parasail  AirlieBeach 119  Dawn Princess from tender  AirlieBeach 121  Dawn Princess from tender  AirlieBeach 122  Dawn Princess from tender 
AirlieBeach 123  Dawn Princess from tender  AirlieBeach 129  Lines for hoisting tenders  AirlieBeach 130  Keep Away  AirlieBeach 131  Soon ... 
AirlieBeach 136  AirlieBeach 137