Albany - November 23, 2009

Today we took the Albany Highlights and Torndirrup National Park excursion. Nice bus with commentary, even though the bus speakers were way over modulated, making it hard to hear.
We spent ½ hour at the Mount Clarence Lookout giving us a nice view of the harbor.
We stayed about 45 minutes at Princess Royal Fortress, again nice views.
We finished up at Torndirrup NP where there were nice rock formations on the water, a natural bridge and a gap.
We were dropped off in town were we ate lunch, went into a couple stores, listened to some music and then headed back to the ship.
albany  Albany, Australia  0013Albany  On our way to Albany Harbor  0032Albany  Albany's wind farm supplying most of the towns electircal power  0041Albany  At the bow when approaching the pier 
0045Albany  Albany harbor  0046Albany  Albany harbor  0047Albany  Disembarking in Albany  0049Albany  On our excursion bus 
0054Albany  Dawn Princess  0056Albany  Mount Clarence Lookou  0066Albany  From Mount Clarence Lookou  0069Albany  Mount Clarence Lookou 
0072Albany  Mount Clarence Lookou  0074Albany  Jo smelling peppermint plant  0077Albany  One of the ship's videographers  0079Albany 
0080Albany  Princess Royal Fortress  0081Albany  Princess Royal Fortress  0082Albany  Princess Royal Fortress  0083Albany  Princess Royal Fortress 
0086Albany  Princess Royal Fortress  0089Albany  Judy and her mother at Princess Royal Fortress  0090Albany  Jo  0093Albany  Skank 
0097Albany  Don't mess with Jo!  0102Albany  Our tour bus  0108Albany  Dogrock  0107Albany  Dogrock 
0109Albany  Christmas decorations  0114Albany  Australia's yield sign  0117Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0118Albany  Torndirrup National Park 
0120Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0121Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0123Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0124Albany  Torndirrup National Park 
0125Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0126Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0128Albany  The Gap at Torndirrup National Park  0131Albany  The Gap 
0138Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0139Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0140Albany  The videographer at Torndirrup National Park  0141Albany  Torndirrup National Park 
0143Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0145Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0148Albany  Torndirrup National Park  0149Albany 
0151Albany  Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park  0160Albany  Albany  0161Albany  Western Australia Licence Plate  0162Albany  Albany 
0163Albany  Albany  0164Albany  Albany  0168Albany  Australian Crosswalk Sign  0169Albany  Cost of gas in Australian dollars per liter 
0171Albany  Phillie Bear getting ready for a nap after a long day in Albany  0172Albany  Port of Albany  0174Albany  Leaving port - surprised to see an American Flag in port  0175Albany  New concert hall in Albany 
0179Albany  One of Albany's main products... mulch  0184Albany  Leaving Albany ...  0197Albany  Pilot leaving ship