Darwin December 1, 2009

Jo, Barbara, Paul and I took the city tour of Darwin
darwin  Location of Darwin, Australia  Darwin 014  Approaching Darwin  Darwin 015  Approaching  Darwin  Darwin 016  Port of Darwin 
Darwin 018  Port of Darwin  Darwin 019  Approaching Darwin  Darwin 020  Port of Darwin  Darwin 022  Next to Port of Darwin 
Darwin 027  Port of Darwin  Darwin 029  Port of Darwin  Darwin 032  Jo and huge croc in museum  Darwin 035  at pier 
Darwin 043  On the way to Darwin excursion  Darwin 045  Transportation  Darwin 046  Darwin 048 
Darwin 051  Outside Military Museum  Darwin 053  Outside Military Museum  Darwin 054  Inside Military Museum  Darwin 055  Inside Military Museum 
Darwin 056  Jo, Barbara and Paul  Darwin 157  Darwin 058  Darwin 059  bfarsch@hughes.net 
Darwin 065  Large parabolic mirror reflection  Darwin 069  Large parabolic mirror reflection  Darwin 071  Inside military museum  Darwin 072  Inside military museum 
Darwin 073  Jo inside military museum  Darwin 075  Australia's speed bump sign  Darwin 076  Northern Territory Licence Plate  Darwin 077  George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens (15 minute stop) 
Darwin 079  Cannon Ball Tree  Darwin 161  Darwin 082  Paul, Barbara and Debbie a Dawn Princess Dancer from New York  Darwin 084 
Darwin 085  Christmas decorations in Darwin on December 1st and the temperature in the 90's.  Darwin 088  Route back to the ship. It was a sereies of walkways and elevators to ther pier  Darwin 089  In one of the elevatore  Darwin 090  Part of a new Civic Center project near the Pier 
Darwin 091  Darwin 093  Wharf Precinct  Darwin 094  Darwin 095  almost there ... 
Darwin 097  bfarsch@hughes.net  Darwin 101  Just before the ship left we had a huge rain/wind storm at the pier  Darwin 103  Darwin 108  Passengers waiting, during the storm, to be allowed to board the ship 
Darwin 115  Darwin 129  After a delay, we were finally departing  Darwin 139  Passing the new civic center on the way out  Darwin 140 
Darwin 142  Darwin 163  Sun Setting