Melbourne - December 16, 2009

Jo and I stayed the night at the 5-Star Westin Melbourne. What a change from a ship cabin. After we got to the hotel, we went exploring around the immediate area. We visited the very elaborate Visitors Center and then we took the free tour bus around the city. In the evening we took another walk. Today's high was 102 degrees.
melbourne  Location of Melbourne, Australia  Melbourne 005  Returning to Melbourne after 28-days  Melbourne 009  Looking down from our Hotel balcony  Melbourne 010  from our balcony 
Melbourne 012  from our balcony  Melbourne 013  from our balcony  Melbourne 014  Our walk in front our the Westin Melbourne for a look at the Christmas tree in the 102 degree weather  Melbourne 015 
Melbourne 016  The very large train station  Melbourne 017  Melbourne 018  Melbourne 019  The visitor centre below street level 
Melbourne 021  Melbourne 023  Melbourne 024  Throughout the city was a maze of many storefronts with many small streets ans alleys  Melbourne 026 
Melbourne 027  Melbourne 028  Screen Worlds  Melbourne 029  Melbourne 032  Train Station 
Melbourne 034  Melbourne 036  Licence plate for Victoria  Melbourne 056  Melbourne 057 
Melbourne 059