Newcastle - December 10, 2009

We walked around town and eventually made our way to Nobbys Beach. At the pier we got a good view by climbing the 180 stair tower.
newcastle  Location of Newcastle, Australia  Newcastle 006  Jan and Brian ready to tender  Newcastle 009  Newcastle 010  Licence plate for New South Wales 
Newcastle 047  Soon to go 180 steps to the top  Newcastle 007  Newcastle 052  Newcastle 054  From the tower a look at the train rails and the city beyond 
Newcastle 012  Walkway over the tracks  Newcastle 013  Our walk started uphill to the observatory  Newcastle 014  Newcastle 017 
Newcastle 018  Newcastle 037  Newcastle 024  Military training on Nobbys Beach  Newcastle 029 
Newcastle 033  Nothing like pushups in the breaking surf  Newcastle 025  Newcastle 041  Newcastle 045 
Newcastle 048  Newcastle 055  Newcastle 058  Sail-Away  Newcastle 067  They shot the cannon three times as we sailed out. I somewhat got it on a video 
Newcastle 074  Newcastle 080  Newcastle 083