Paris to Caen

Rouen - Honfleur - Deauville with an overnight stay at the MERCURE CAEN COTE DE NACRE in HEROUVILLE-ST.CLAIR on Sept 22nd
DSC 6524  DSC 6437  As we entered Rouen, an abandoned cathedral  DSC 6441  DSC 6444  Our Cosmos Tour Director, Ragia Kaja 
DSC 6450  DSC 6451  DSC 6460  DSC 6461 
DSCN1139  DSCN1142  DSC 6466  DSC 6468  Memorial for Joan of Arc 
DSCN1147  DSC 6470  Cross where Joan of Arc was burned to the stake  DSC 6476  DSC 6480 
DSCN1155  On our way to another cathedral ...  DSCN1163  DSC 6487  Heading for the Notre Dame Cathedral  in Rouen.  DSC 6492 
DSCN1168  DSCN1169  DSCN1158  DSCN1175 
DSCN1178  DSCN1184  A normal park job on the sidewalk wide streets  DSCN1198  DSCF1062  Picture taken by Margaret of the cathedral entrance 
DSC 6494  DSC 6497  The normal number of beheaded statues  DSC 6510  DSC 6513 
DSC 6518  DSC 6528  DSC 6536  An area where bodies of the  bubonic plague were buried  DSC 6542  More Cathederal of Notre Dame in Rouen 
DSC 6546  DSC 6552  DSC 6555  Our home for half of the time  DSC 6572  Honfleur 
DSC 6580  Honfleur  DSC 6581  Honfleur  DSC 6582  Honfleur  DSC 6585  The Casino at the seaside resort of Deauville 
DSC 6586  The Seaside Resort of Deauville  DSC 6589  The Seaside Resort of Deauville  DSC 6591  Stalls at The seaside resort of Deauville  DSC 6599  The Eropean Union and French Flags 
DSC 6603  The Seaside Resort of Deauville  DSC 6607  DSC 6614  Pegasus British (British)  DSC 6612  Pegasus Bridge Memorial 
DSC 6621  DSC 6629  DSC 6630  DSC 6632 
DSC 6638  DSC 6641  DSC 6653  DSC 6657 
DSC 6663  DSC 6670  The Grave of William the Conquerer  DSC 6672  DSC 6674 
DSC 6676  DSC 6680